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Scope of work

Import, distribution and assembly of Automatic Controls for Systems of HVAC

» Valves
» Actuators
» Damper Actuators
» Termostats
» Controllers
» Sensors

Building Automation Systems

» Building automation consulting
» Research and Design
» Delivery of building automation systems
» Installation and commissioning
» Maintenance


» Regulation, control and management of:
» Air handling units (AHU)
» Ventilation installations
» Heating installations (substations, solar panel installations, heat pump units)
» Individual room control (IRC) systems with fan coils
» Heat and cold distribution systems
» Lighting and electrical installations
» Generators and CHP

System and technical solutions

» Conventional technical means
» BMS (Building Management System) systems for dispatch and energy management

Integration Platforms

» Integration of third party subsystems based on standard communication protocols: BACnet, TCP/IP, LonMark, EIB/KNX, DALI, OPC, etc.

Information Technology

» Implementation of standard information technology, e.g. Web, XML, SOAP, etc., using existing and new LAN/WAN frameworks.

Power and Low-Voltage Installations

» Research and Design
» Construction and commissioning
» Consulting
» Service

Power by generators and CHP

» Delivery and installation
» Commissioning
» Maintenance